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It happens to every marketer.

You know you need to build relationships with your audience, so they can get to know you, grow to like you, and trust you enough to buy from you.

You say “content is king” without blinking when someone wakes you up in the middle of the night, but you don’t have the time, energy or knowledge required to create the kind of content that gets audience hearts dancing down the funnel you’ve worked so hard to build.

That’s where I come in.

“An exceptional writer, Ayelet has a deep appreciation for being innovative while being authentic to the subject matter.
 She is enthusiastic, committed to deadlines and shows the type of initiative which is rare. I enjoyed working with her and hope to do so again soon.”

Farah Mohamed, Founder and CEO of G(irls)20 Summit (partners with Google and the United Nations foundation GirlUp), and one of BBC’s Top 100 Women

An Experienced Freelance Writer is Here to Ayelet Weisz Freelance Writer Copywriter Blogger (2)Help You

Increase ROI and Make a Difference

I help companies and nonprofits from 4 continents tell their stories through case studies, web copy, blogs and videos in a powerful way – so that they can retain current customers and donors, gain new ones, increase ROI and make this world an even better place. I can help you do the same.

“I was impressed by the way Ayelet phrased up everything as if she was on ground where everything was happening for her to have first hand information.  Taking her time to get into point by point and explain exactly the way everything is. She has total dedication and commitment to what she does until it’s totally finished. Donations by site visitors increased by 100%. She is simply the best.”

– Semujju Tim, Founder and CEO, MCSF Projects

Trusted to Write by Leading Companies and Organizations from 4 Continents


Girls20 Summit

Founded by one of BBC’s Top 100 Women at the Clinton Global Initiative.


25+ years of serving global brands like Wells Fargo, Citibank, AIG, T-Mobile and Priceline.

SHARE in Africa

United Nations Award winning nonprofit, recognized by Oprah Winfrey and Michele Obama.

Content Marketing Institute

One of the largest, most respected marketing blogs in the industry.


Acquired by the largest American company in its field.


One of the largest, most respected marketing blogs in the industry.

“I was planning a lesson for my MA students at Golden Gate University on incorrect email pitches when Ayelet’s perfectly written email arrived a few minutes before my class. The form she uses is almost exactly what I teach. Then there were the complimentary words that stroked my ego with the offer of spreading the word about my writings, so I checked out her website and was sold. I had my students dissect a bad email first. Then I showed them Ayelet’s pitch as an example of an email that was both impressive and successful, going over it line by line to show why it was exactly what I want them to do with their emails.

Don Surath, Multimedia Solution Developer at CBS and author “Conquering Cold Calling Fear”. Don is also an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University Ageno Graduate School and San Francisco State University.

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“Ayelet has been helping SHARE by penning beautiful success stories about our scholarship program. When we told her about Joanitha, our first SHARE Scholar, she was so moved that she did further research on Joanitha, and was able to put together a perfect, moving summary of Joanitha’s experiences as a girl in Tanzania, and as SHARE’s first scholar.Ayelet’s work is fantastic, and I highly recommend that anyone reach out to her if they are in need of a success story!”

– Shannon McNamara, founder of SHARE in Africa and winner of a United Nations Youth Achievement Recognition Award