The Words that Help Your Company Grow

As more companies emerge and less space is left ad-free, it’s no wonder people have trained themselves to ignore the noise. It’s also no wonder they’ve grown suspicious of anyone trying to market themselves.

Yet without self-promotion, how are you ever going to find new clients?

That’s where stories come in – the way humans are wired to learn.



As a freelance writer who’s written for organizations and websites from 4 continents, I’m on a mission to help organizations tell their stories through case studies, web copy and blogs in a powerful way – so that they can retain current customers and donors, gain new ones, increase ROI and make a difference.


“Ayelet hit on and addressed a real nerve in this piece, and her ideas are great.  I’ve not read anything like this online before, and I really love the angle.”

                                           – Georgina Laidlaw, Former Content Manager, ProBlogger