Freelance Copywriter


More than anything, your website is your online home, which you open to a wide audience of visitors. You go above and beyond to be hospitable and to create a memorable experience. Your intention is to make your visitors feel welcome, so they’ll come back, or even deepen the relationship by subscribing or buying a product.

Unfortunately, that often doesn’t work. Despite marketers’ best intentions, they sometimes come off as uninviting hosts, who simply want to promote their own agenda.

It’s not your fault. Writing website copy is a challenging task. Sometimes it’s extra challenging when you’re too close to the product or service you know can help your visitors, and you really, really want to make sure they know this.


What if it could be easier?

What if every page on your site could show prospects how committed your team is to use its gifts, experience and skills to improve their lives and companies? What if your website had content that got prospects to like and trust you?


As your freelance copywriter, I write home pages that…
  • Clearly state what you do.
  • Focus on the benefits you deliver.
  • Send readers down the funnel you created for them.


I write about pages that…
  • Show how great you are without making it all about you.
  • Explain how your team’s passion, skills and expertise can help your customers shine.
  • Create emotional connections between your company and your audience.
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You’ll get product pages that…
  • Take readers on a journey from challenge to job.
  • Showcase the benefits and results you can deliver.
  • Translate “Jargonese” into English (unless jargon is necessary to qualify leads).
  • Give readers a reason to take action (even without a special promotion).


Your team bios copy…
  • Showcases how every team member’s professional background increases the chance your customers can reach their goals.
  • Explains how each team member’s unique passion and personality contributes to the greater sum of your company.
  • Humanizes your brand to create emotional connections with readers, because companies don’t do business with companies – people do business with people.


… and your careers page:
  • Succinctly explains your company’s value, passion and drive.
  • Clarifies the type of people you’re looking to work with.
  • Encourages candidates to tell you what they bring to the table and how it can benefit your customers, so you can get more accurate candidates.


Want to make sure website visitors know exactly how you can help, and how they can benefit from that?

Drop me an email at and, together, we’ll help them feel at home with your company.