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As a feminist freelance writer with a degree in gender studies, I’m as passionate as you are are about creating a more equal world.

I’ve experienced first hand how claiming your power lets you climb insurmountable-feeling mountains and create the transformations you never thought were possible.

An experienced, curious writer, I’m skilled at asking questions, coming up with ideas and writing content that helps drive results. I’ve interviewed people in different stages of career and life, and have written content that targets both everyday people and top decision makers.

I’m diligent about researching information supporting the advancement and empowerment  of girls and women, and turning that into a text that helps transform society as a whole.



Ready for Content that Helps You Climb Insurmountable-Feeling Mountains?

Among others, I’ve written for G(irls)20 Summit (founded by 1 of BBC’s Top 100 Women, Farah Mohamed, and partners with Google and the United Nations foundation Girl Up) and SHARE in Africa (a United Nations Award winning nonprofit, that was recognized by Oprah Winfrey and Michele Obama).

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Girl Power Writing Samples


“An exceptional writer, Ayelet has a deep appreciation for being innovative while being authentic to the subject matter. She is enthusiastic, committed to deadlines and shows the type of initiative which is rare. I enjoyed working with her and hope to do so again soon.”

– Farah Mohamed, Founder and CEO of G(irls)20 Summit (partners with Google and the United Nations foundation GirlUp)







G(irls)20 Summit Annual Report – G(irls)20 Summit, a Google-sponsored nonpofit  (Co-Written with Girls20 Summit’s CEO Farah Mohamed, who is 1 of BBC’s Top 100 Women)




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