Does this sound familiar?

You love writing. Everyone praises your writing. Maybe you even got into a writing program or three.

But when it comes to making a living, you’re stuck at some job you don’t like, realizing someone else’s dream. Let’s face it – only a few make it to Hollywood or to the best sellers list, and when you look for nonfiction opportunities, all you see are $5/page ads.

What if I told you there was another way?



The World Needs Freelance Writers More than Ever

We’ve trained ourselves to ignore ads and we’re suspicious of anyone trying to market themselves, so smart companies do what they need to turn profit: They build relationships with customers. After all, brain studies show that we basically buy from those who like.

To make customers like them, a vastly growing number of companies write content that provides value to customers – blog posts, customer success stories, videos, etc.

Marketing managers, who are in charge of this, are flooded with work. They need freelance writers like us to help them shine.



But Where Do You Start?

Freelance writing star mentor Carol Tice has been paying her bills by writing since the early 1990s.

But Carol doesn’t know what it’s like to start from scratch today, when the Internet enables anyone to get information and training. So she opened her multi-award winning Make a Living Writing blog to guest posts from writers like you and I – writers who are finding their way and making things work now.

Recently, Carol turned 40 of her best guest posts into an eBook – the only resource you need for practical secrets you can implement right now (I’m so honored to be one of these writers!).



“An exceptional writer, Ayelet has a deep appreciation for being innovative while being authentic to the subject matter. She is enthusiastic, committed to deadlines and shows the type of initiative which is rare. ”

– Farah Mohamed, one of BBC’s Top Women of 2014, founder and CEO of G(irls)20 Summit (partners with Google and the United Nations Foundation GirlUp)


Start Here: 40 Writers Share How they Find Clients, Stay Motivated & Earn Well Today

It’s time to stop living someone else’s dream or earning pennies when you try to realize your own.


In this book, you’ll learn how to:

– Overcome fear and go for your dream

– Create a writer website that sells

– Find 488 hot freelance writing prospects (11 of my best methods)

– Market painlessly (even if you’re an introvert) & triple your response rate

– Find more freelance writing work on social media

– Get paying gigs with zero freelance writing clips

– Explode your sales & get lucrative clients (including dream magazines)

– Stay creative, stay productive and never run out of writing ideas



All this – for the price of 1-2 cups of coffee: $3.99.
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“Ayelet’s work is fantastic”

– Shannon McNamara, founder of SHARE in Africa and winner of a United Nations Youth Achievement Recognition Award