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According to Google’s Traveler Road to Decision study, almost 70% of travelers start researching their trips online before deciding where and how they want to travel, and they often go into planning undecided about the brands they’ll choose.

With 80% of travelers using the Internet as their top research tool – more than conversations with friends and way more than travel agents – you need to be prepared.



It’s Time for Content that Transports Your Prospects to the Experience You Can Provide

It’s time for copy that immediately transports them to the experience your company can provide, the kind of copy that gets their senses craving to be there right now.

Many travelers don’t understand the difference between brands. In a world where people buy based on emotions, it’s your responsibility to communicate added values in a way that evokes emotion and brings out your brand personality.


Ready for a Getaway to Better Content Land?

Other than writing a travel blog of my own to learn what work and what doesn’t, I’ve written for companies like:

  • yTravel Blog (Australia’s leading travel blog, and one of the largest independent travel blogs in the world);
  • Touring Israel (3 time CondeNest Traveler award winner);
  • Startups that serve innovative technology to the travel industry;
  • Medical tourism company, that combines healthcare with exploration;
  • and I also sold an article to CNN Travel Online.

Contact me today at, and I’ll help you prove the saying, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.



Travel & Tourism Writing Samples


“Ayelet is one of those writers who shows her passion about storytelling and travel in every piece she writes. Her narrative shows, rather than tell, the ideas and settings she wants to portray to her readers; giving us a more tangible experience as we read along. From Israel, to New Zealand, to Argentina; I’ve come to enjoy many of Ayelet’s articles and even learned from them for my future travels”.

– Norbert Figueroa, founder of GloboTreks, one of the world’s most popular travel blogs.




* Yadwire is a startup that helps companies, institutions and smart cities make the free WiFi they provide smart and profitable. Among others, it’s worked with Egged, the largest bus company in its country.





* WiseSec aims to redefine mobile experiences and mobile security. Its global brand customers include Amdocs, AT&T, Retalix & Ness.







* I’ve traveled through New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California. Stay tuned for more United States travel blog posts.



* I traveled through Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Bariloche and the lake district, Peninsula Valdes, El Calafate and Ushuaia. Stay tuned for more Argentina travel blog posts.


* I traveled through New Zealand’s north island and the northern end of the south island. Stay tuned for more New Zealand travel blog posts.

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