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It’s one of the most passionate fields in the world. You help people turn career and entrepreneurship dreams into reality, and show them the impossible is within reach.

Or you dedicate time and energy to scale corporations beyond the limits of imagination… and help them serve the people who make it all possible – their customers – across channels.

But are you really helping your customers shine every way you can?


Content that Helps Prospects Trust You with Critical Aspects of Their Lives and Companies

By serving them content that offers massive value and actually helps them overcome challenges, you get to build authority and emotional connections, which ultimately leads more prospects to trust you with some of the most important parts of their lives: their livelihood, their employees’ livelihoods, their self actualization and their self fulfillment.


Ready for Content that Proves to Your Customers How Valuable They Are?

I have the experience you need to help you get there.

As a freelance business writer, I’ve written for Google-sponsored and UN Award winning nonprofits, a startup that was acquired by the largest American company in its field and companies that serve global brands.

Contact me today at, and I’ll provide content that shows your customers how much you care.


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“Ayelet worked with me on many content projects as a writer and editor – video scripts, web copy and landing pages, to name a few – and did a fantastic job. She pays attention to details, asks smart questions and does a lot of research.

“She managed many content projects for me, and she constantly initiated interesting ideas and went the extra mile to help move these projects forward.

“Ayelet is an assertive and skilled writer and editor, very reliable and a pleasure to work with. She was always committed to helping me drive results.”

– Lori Fraijo Raygoza, former Managing Director, SpeedSoftware



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* Ringadoc was recently acquired by Practice Fusion, the largest cloud-based electronic health record platform in the United States.







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* Jacada has been winning awards and supporting global brands like Wells Fargo, Citibank, AIG, T-Mobile and Priceline for a quarter of a century.

*Many more posts are coming soon. Stay tuned to this site or contact me at to learn more.





* ProBlogger is one of the largest sites in the world for professional bloggers.

Ringadoc was recently acquired by Practice Fusion, the largest cloud-based electronic health record platform in the United States.




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*I did a big project of long form blog posts about career options in multiple industries. Stay tuned to this site or contact me at to read these posts.

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