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Let’s face it – the best writer for you is a writer who’s an expert in both your industry and copywriting, but these writers are hard to find.

After all, most great copywriters don’t get a degree or work experience in city development, real estate or the finance world. Most great copywriters focus on learning new strategies to ensure their words help you get better results from your marketing materials.

Sometimes, great copywriters have mastered their craft so well, that – with other skills they’ve sharpened over the years and a little help from you – they’re able to write better content for you than people who know your industry inside out.

That’s been my experience with many clients from around the world, who have dared me to dive into industries I didn’t know much about before.


Need an Experienced Copywriter Who Goes the Extra Mile to Help Your Company Grow?

An enthusiastic writer, I’m skilled at asking questions, researching, coming up with ideas and writing content that helps drive results. By interviewing my clients and doing my own research, I help companies shine with great content.

Read the samples on this page and see for yourself, then drop me an email at I can help you, too.



Miscellaneous Writing Samples


Tim Semujjo, CEO, MCSFprojects“With a few details from me, I was impressed by the way Ayelet phrased up everything as if she was on ground where everything was happening for her to have first hand information.  Taking her time to get into point by point and explain exactly the way everything is. She has total dedication and commitment to what she does until it’s totally finished. She is simply the best.”     – Semujju Tim, CEO, MCSF Projects



* Yadwire is a startup that helps companies, institutions and smart cities make the free WiFi they provide smart and profitable. Among others, it’s worked with Egged, the largest bus company in its country.


* WiseSec aims to redefine mobile experiences and mobile security. Its global brand customers include Amdocs, AT&T, Retalix & Ness.







Drive Results in Transportation Marketing with Free WiFi – Yadwire

Public Transportation Product Page – WiseSec

Smart Cars Product Page – WiseSec




Direct advertising copy for investors – Smart Capital (Coming soon)

Financial & Banking Product Page – WiseSec

How Students are Coping with Higher Textbook Prices – University of the People (Ghostwritten)

9 Smart Personal Finance Tips for College Students – University of the People (Ghostwritten)

8 Personal Finance Blogs for Parents of College-Bound Students – University of the People (Ghostwritten)

How New Students Can Avoid the Growing Student Loan Debt Crisis – University of the People (Ghostwritten)




Enjoy a New and Better Look of Wikipedia – eAnswers

Adam and Eve – BeGamer (100K-500K installations, 4K+ reviews, 4.2/5 rating)

Adam and Eve 2 – BeGamer (100K-500K installations, 10K+ reviews, 4.1/5 rating)

Reach Your Favorite Sites Faster with Beautiful Interface – eAnswers

* BeGamer is an MTV Game Award winner.




How Arctic Ambitions Could Drown Us in Cold Water – ForecastBug

4 Life Skills South American Penguins Can Teach Humans. #4 Could Even Improve the Economy. – Forecast Bug

Welcome to the Secret, Intelligent World of Dolphins. Humans Can Only Dream of #1. – ForecastBug

Dogs, Horses and Dolphins: What They Do for Your Physical and Emotional Health – eAnswers

Horsing Around: 10 Videos About Riding Horses, Drawing Horses and Speaking Horse Language – ForecastBug

The Arctic’s Witness: From Brown to Polar to Prizzly Bear… and Back Again? – ForecastBug

Backpacking and Star Gazing: The Ultimate Underwater Experience – ForecastBug




How I Found 488 Promising Freelance Writing Prospects – Make a Living Writing

New Ebook Reveals Insider Secrets from Freelance Writers Who Pay Their Bills by WritingLanding page on this site. Honored to be one of the writers whose work was included in this ebook.


* My Make a Living Writing post was named as one of Top 2013 posts in an industry roundup. In 2015, it was included in an e-book edited by industry leader Carol Tice. The book is called “Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Find Clients, Stay Motivated & Earn Well Today”.