From the very get go, I set to deliver freelance writing services that help marketing executives like you reach their goals, whether it’s increasing your bottom line, making the world a better place – or both. In the past 5+ years, I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible companies and organizations from 4 continents, and I’m proud to share with you some of the results my content has driven.


This section is currently under construction, but stay tuned for these case studies:

This section is currently under construction, but stay tuned for these case studies:

✔ How I generated 51.5% of my own revenue last year through content marketing.

✔ How I decreased cold pitches as a revenue source from 68% to 10%, which then led to a 100% inbound revenue for over a year.

✔ How a client jumped from the end of page 2 on Google to #4 on page 1 in less than a month.

✔ How a campaign for my biz included guest posts on top marketing blogs (combined audience of almost 1 million subscribers), and interviews with 21 industry leaders from around the world.

✔ And more…



As you wait, read this case study about a 100% revenue increase:

✔ How one client increased donations by 100%.



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