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In a world that moves fast, you need content that’s nimble and agile enough to help you communicate tomorrow’s technological needs today.

Whether you market to technophobes, techpreneurs or enterprises, I have the experience you need to create content that does your innovation justice.


Ready for Tell the World What You Have to Offer? I Have the Words for You.

Among others, I’ve written about computer performance, web development, BYOD, mobile experience, mobile security, WIFI and marketing technology.

I’ve also written content for a customer service software company that serves global brands (like AIG and Priceline), and a healthcare app that was acquired by the largest American company in its field.

I can help you too. Contact me today at, and I’ll help you communicate your value to investors, strategic partners and the customers whose lives you know you can transform.



Technology Writing Samples

“As a business developer in the hi-tech industry, I need to provide my customers and prospects (executive decision makers) with a high level of information. My CEO and I have always been impressed by Ayelet’s researches and the quality of information given through articles she wrote for us.
“On top of it, she always met our deadlines and requirements. Even more impressive, she stayed available after delivering articles, was always open to feedback, and helped us make sure every piece of content conveyed our message accurately. She went above and beyond what we could expect from a regular blogger.
“If you want high quality posts, I definitely recommend her.”

                                                        – Douglas Gravrel, Business Developer, Yadwire





* Ringadoc was acquired by Practice Fusion, the largest cloud-based electronic health record platform in the United States.







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* ProBlogger is one of the leading sites in the world for professional bloggers.


* Yadwire is a startup that helps companies, institutions and smart cities make the free WiFi they provide smart and profitable. Among others, it’s worked with Egged, the largest bus company in its country.


* Jacada, a customer service and sales software company, has been winning awards and supporting global brands like Wells Fargo, Citibank, AIG, T-Mobile and Priceline for a quarter of a century.






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