Founded in 2005, MCSFprojects seeks to transform the lives of children and adults who survived the 20-year Joseph Kony War in northern Uganda. It’s driving the development of the area by providing clean water, by conducting workshops on health and environmental care and by building homes, schools and a medical facility. It also brings kids back from the streets and ensures they have a roof top, food, education and empowering support.


All this costs a lot of money, so MCSFprojects set up a website in its efforts to raise donations and create partnerships.



Any Website Won’t Do It

Yet the team soon learned that hitting “publish” isn’t enough. “Many people could not have a clear picture of all that was happening at our project”, says Timothy Semujjo, MCSFprojects’ CEO.


Even though the organization had been transforming lives for 7 years, Semujjo felt that the site didn’t represent the work well. It wasn’t specific enough and didn’t bring the important points across as needed.



The Difference a Professional Freelance Copywriter Can Make

Semujjo’s number one goal for the site was to get a “larger audience of people to learn more about our mission and how they can get involved”, yet conversion percentages weren’t high enough.


To solve the problem, Semujjo and his team added videos to the site. That helped, yet the return on investment was still not as high as expected.


Therefore, late in 2012, they decided to turn to a professional freelance copywriter.


“Ayelet Weisz wrote our new content in a way that’s easy to understand by all readers. Now, when people visit our website, even if they only log in to one page, they get what we do straight away”, adds Semujjo.



More Volunteers, Award Nomination and 100%+ Increase in Donations

In the year that’s passed since the new site content was written and published, MCSFprojects has seen an increase in interest and support from both individuals and groups asking to volunteer and partner with the organization. MCSFprojects was even contacted and asked to submit its nomination for an international award.


Moreover, the number of donations made by site visitors has increased by more than 100%. In addition, since the site’s “textual makeover”, site visitors started signing up for monthly and annual donation programs.


“We at MCSFprojects don’t think we would have gotten someone who could do it better than Ayelet”, concluds Semujjo. “Even after having successfully changed the content of our site, she continues to give us support and new ideas. We are so thankful for her world class professional services”.



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