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It’s not easy being a marketer who markets to marketers.

A veterinarian’s blog post copy might not reflect her professional skills, but when you’re in marketing, people expect more from your copy. A veterinarian might not be marketing to her peers, but there’s a good chance you are. Your target audience gets the industry, knows the tricks, practices the tricks, and expects more from your marketing efforts.

It’s time for content your prospects can respect, from someone who lives and breathes the market, and learns new marketing practices in her free time for fun. Someone whose eyes light up when you mention button copy or case studies, and who’s committed to helping you drive results.


A Freelance Writer Who Walks Her Content Marketing Talk

I’ve written for marketing and branding agencies, plus tech companies that offer innovative marketing technologies to smart cities and companies.

Starting winter 2016, I’m walking my content marketing talk. My February 2016 content marketing launch includes, among others:


Ready for Walk Your Content Marketing Talk?

Your target audience is my target audience, and I’ve spent the past few years researching and learning its needs.

If you want someone to help you walk your talk, contact me today at, and I’ll give you the content you need to build a stronger relationship with your target audience.


Marketing, Advertising and Sales Writing Samples


“I was planning a lesson for my MA students at Golden Gate University on incorrect email pitches when Ayelet’s perfectly written email arrived a few minutes before my class. The form she uses is almost exactly what I teach.

“Then there were the complimentary words that stroked my ego with the offer of spreading the word about my writings, so I checked out her website and was sold.

“I had my students dissect a bad email first. Then I showed them Ayelet’s pitch as an example of an email that was both impressive and successful, going over it line by line to show why it was exactly what I want them to do with their emails.

Don Surath, Multimedia Solution Developer at CBS and author “Conquering Cold Calling Fear”. Don is also an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University Ageno Graduate School and San Francisco State University.




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Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs, Unbounce, ReelSEO and Smart Insights are some of the most respected content marketing websites in the industry.


* Many more articles coming soon: I recently wrote approximately 20 marketing-related blog posts for client websites and industry leading websites, like Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Unbounce. The posts will go live soon. Please stay tuned to this site or contact me at to learn more.




Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference? – Native Ads

Ignore These Crucial Native Advertising Tips and Lose Money – Native Ads


* More blog posts coming soon: I did a blogging project for an advertising network. Stay tuned to this site or contact me at to read these posts.




* More articles coming soon: I’m currently working with Pipedrive, a sales CRM software with over 10,000 customers, including the discovery channel. In addition, I recently did a blogging project for an omnichannel sales company. Initial posts from both companies will be published soon.





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