Also known as success stories, using case studies is a proven way to increase sales. Case studies convince prospects because they feature interviews with your clients, who describe how your solution helped them.


“Ayelet has been helping SHARE by penning beautiful success stories about our scholarship program. When we told her about Joanitha, our first SHARE Scholar, she was so moved that she did further research on Joanitha, and was able to put together a perfect, moving summary of Joanitha’s experiences as a girl in Tanzania, and as SHARE’s first scholar. Ayelet’s work is fantastic, and I highly recommend that anyone reach out to her if they are in need of a success story!”

– Shannon McNamara, founder of SHARE in Africa and winner of a United Nations Youth Achievement Recognition Award



Smaller Investment for Bigger Revenue

Ads are expensive, yet “you are 279.64 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest and reach the summit than you are to click on a banner ad”, declared Solve Media, which specializes in CAPTCHA ads, in 2011. A 2013 survey by Forrester Research reaffirms this: Only 10% of its 58,000 respondents testified they trust ads, yet 70% trust recommendations from friends and family members. 46% trust online reviews written by other customers. When familiarity isn’t available, people rely mostly on those who overcame similar challenges to their own.


That’s where case studies come in – let your happy customers promote you themselves. They’ll share how your product or service changed their lives for the best, and they’ll do it in a way humans are wired to learn. With the help of a skilled freelance writer, they’ll do it by telling a story.



“Ayelet has an ability to delve into the meat of a topic, offering details and important insights delivered by way of clear, solid writing. She knows what she’s talking about, and her articles not only inform and entertain but offer unique perspectives which can only be seen by the eye of someone with true intelligence and creativity”.

                                – Sabina Lohr, Solo Female Traveler and Traveling the Middle East



How can you use a customer success story?

One single case study can be used in:

– Marketing copy

– Direct marketing

– E-mail marketing

– Landing pages

– Web pages

– Blog posts

– Social media updates

– Employee and volunteer training

– Sales calls

– Interviews with the media

– Pitches to trade publications

– Press releases

– Conference presentations

– Award applications

– Grant applications

– Venture capital proposals

– and more….



“Ayelet knows how to take a topic that may be considered uninteresting and makes it fascinating.”

                                                              – Caz Makepeace, yTravel Blog and Mojito Mother



What Does a Case Study Include?

A case study includes the story of the challenge your customer faced – and how your product or service helped solve it.

It’s a 1-4 page document that’s meant to engage current and prospective customers, while focusing on the results your organization can create.



“Ayelet was nice, fast and efficient. Her work was tailored to my own specific needs, while keeping close contact during the process and giving me extremely helpful notes”.

                                                                                       – Lital Pascar



What’s the process in a nutshell?

The process starts by defining the goals you’d like to achieve with this project, and understanding which audience we aim to write for. With a better understanding of your company, goals and products, I create interview questions and set the appointment with your satisfied customer.

After the interview, I write the case study, focusing on an angle or two that best promotes your business. Both you and your customer get the chance to request edits, keeping it beneficial to all parties involved.



“I was impressed by the way Ayelet phrased up everything as if she was on ground where everything was happening for her to have first hand information, taking her time to get into point by point and explain exactly the way everything is. She has total dedication and commitment to what she does until it’s totally finished. She is simply the best.”

                                                                     – Semujju Tim, CEO, MCSF Projects



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