About a decade ago, Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, was your typical entrepreneur – a workaholic one. But then her world changed when she fainted from exhaustion, hit her head on her desk and suffered multiple physical injuries. After learning her lesson, she started recommending to professionals everywhere to “sleep their way to the top.”

As in, actually get enough sleep if you want to lead successful campaigns.

But while sleep is important and you should totally prioritize it, what you do in your waking hours also matters. That’s why I want to encourage you to also laugh your way to the top.

You see, experts now believe that laugher is just as important to your marketing success as eating, sleeping, CRO-ing, SEO-ing, blogging and LinkedIn-ing.

Take it from Dr. Lee Berk from Loma Linda University in California, who, according to Time, “has spent nearly three decades studying the ways the aftershocks of a good laugh ripple through your brain and body.” Time reports that Berk “lumps laughter in with more traditional healthy lifestyle activities” because laughter has the same “stress-squashing powers” as healthy eating, sleeping and exercising.

And because I don’t believe in just giving you some random content marketing advice without a practical way to implement it, I did some digging around the Internet for you and collected quite a few reasons to laugh… that only marketers will understand.

Because I think marketers are special people, who work really hard to deliver true massive value to their audience while delivering results to their companies. I know it’s not always an easy balance trying to serve and satisfy everyone, and I think you’ve more than earned your right to sit back and have a good laugh.

And heads up – if you still need more reasons to laugh after you enjoy these resources, there’s a way for you to get more at the bottom of the article.



113 Reasons to Laugh that Only Marketers Will Understand

Ready to start laughing?


MONDAY: A 1.5 Minute Video on What Would Happen if We Had an Award Show for Our Case Studies

“Cannes, One Show, the CLIOs… These shows celebrate the very best in creativity, but none of them celebrate what we do best as advertising professionals – the case study video!” says Rethink Canada, as it continues to right the wrong, suggesting we start “an award show that celebrates innovation and brilliance in award show submissions.”

Check out the categories they came up with, and start the week with a good laugh.


Source: Rethink Canada via YouTube


Which categories would you add?




Looking for organic traffic?

This Koozai post might be from 2013, but some of its jokes are still relevant. Joke topics include meta descriptions, 404 pages and, of course, penguins and pirates. Click here to read them and cheer up your Tuesday.

(If you want newer SEO jokes, click the very last image in this article)



WEDNESDAY: 9 Short Funny Videos About the Complex Relationship Between Marketing and Sales

As your work week progresses, pressures might rise up. Most companies find it challenging to create an omni-departmental collaboration, even if it could mean 80% more growth. If that’s the case in your company, take a break to check out this funny playlist from Lattice Engines about the complexity of the marketing-sales relationship.

Gotta love a company that takes a product like predictive analytics for marketing and sales, and turns it into creative content that makes you laugh out loud.

And the playlist isn’t just funny – it includes two songs, too!


Source: Lattice Engines via YouTube



THURSDAY: That Moment When You Go to Sleep and Dream About Lead Leakage

Sometimes things get worse before they get better. This 1.5 minute video from IBM Watson Marketing starts as a suspense thriller, which makes you cringe a bit before you start laughing.


Source: IBM Watson Marketing via YouTube



FRIDAY: 16 Cheesy Marketing Jokes

Marketer Corey Eridon compiled this list of 10 cheesy marketing jokes, then HubSpot added 6 more from the comments.

And yes, the article does start with a photo of a hand tickling a cat.

Great way to say farewell to your work week in a great mood!



SATURDAY: Over 30 Pages & 14 Years of Funny Marketing Cartoons

Tom Fishburne is a keynote speaker on marketing, creativity and innovation, who creates cartoon campaigns for companies like Google and GE.

Don’t go to his blog or Twitter when you’re on a deadline, because you won’t want to leave. Saturday is much better for this.


Source: Tom Fishburne via Twitter



SUNDAY: 20 More Jokes Only a Marketer Could Love

Joshua Nite, content marketing lead at TopRank Marketing, brings you this funny list of marketing jokes that covers email marketing, video marketing, marketing automation and many other content marketing topics.

Read them on Sunday evening to remind yourself that the weekend might be over, but you’re fortunate enough to start the week tomorrow doing what you love.

And the fund doesn’t have to stop the following Monday, because I’ve got lots more reasons for you to laugh right here: